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Dan Gottlieb helps sales, marketing, and sales development leaders adopt the patterns and plays of high-growth companies. In addition to supporting his clients, he conducts trend research for the sales development practice. He’s spent the last 10 years supporting some of the world’s fastest growing companies with a deep background in B2B tech sales.

2019 Sales Development Benchmark Report Executive Summary

TOPO invites you to download an executive summary of our recently released Sales Development Benchmark Report.    

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Dan Gottlieb

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Sales development is arguably the most critical investment for developing pipeline in today’s B2B businesses. To better understand the impact and best practices, TOPO surveyed 179 sales development leaders and compiled the results and strategies in this 2019 Sales Development Benchmark Report. This executive summary provides insights organizations can apply to adopt or evolve their sales development practice in 2019 and beyond.

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